things to do in columbus ohio

Things to do in Columbus Ohio

Things to do in Columbus Ohio

Things to do in Columbus Ohio is widely searched by tourists from all over the world. Are you also planning a visit to Columbus Ohio and want to know about things to do in Columbus Ohio, then this is the perfect guide for you. We have got all the details that you must know before the visit, like all the fun and historic places, amusement parks, gardens, famous places, shopping areas, and museums. After this detailed and informative guide, you won’t need to go to any other website as this is the ultimate guide and we will be covering every single detail you need.

German Village – Columbus Ohio

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German Village; to see a historic district in Hamilton, Ohio, The United States, go a check out the German Village Historic District in Columbus, Ohio. To the mock-up of a German domestic club used by the United States military to develop fire-bombing systems during World War II, check out the German Village Dugway convincing area. German Village is a U.S.A National Register of Historic Places U.S historic commercial district.

German Village is a popular community just south of city Columbus, Ohio. They were initially platted in the year 1814 in Columbus’s South End. The German Village area primarily established between 1840 and 1914. German emigrants in the middle of the 1800s mainly improved it. German descendants at one time involved as much as a third of the residents of the entire city of Columbus. German emigrants who arrived in the South End in the 1850s instantly felt at home. People spoke German in schools, stores, and churches. Their homes were solid yet unpretentious. After work, bakers, stonecutters, merchants, artisans, tanners, bricklayers, and winery workers relaxed in nearby barrow gardens. Most belonged to singing and acrobatics societies. This specific yet honest working-class community was a little bit of Germany.


Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

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Columbus Zoo and Aquarium was opened by the small collection of animals that were donated by the Wolfe Family, who were the owners of the Columbus Dispatch newspaper. Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is a residence to more than almost seven thousand animals factoring over eight hundred species. It sees over nearly more than 2.3 million (2,300,000) visitors every single year. The animal exhibits are divided into different areas of the world, with the zoo currently serving eight such regions. In addition, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium also maintain an eighteen-hole golf course. The golf course is recognized as the Safari Golf Club, which is settled in 56.66 hectares (equivalent  to140 acres). This zoo also has a Zoombezi Bay, which is comprised of almost 9.19 hectares (equivalent to 22.70 acres) and Jungle Jack’s Landing, which encompasses 4.452 hectares (equivalent to 11 acres). In total, the zoo occupies almost 234 hectares that is equivalent to 580 acres of area, with 164.42 hectares (equivalent to 406.30 acres) assigned to the zoo itself.


Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

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Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is an original botanical area and cultural appeal featuring outstanding plant collections and seasonal art- and nature-based exhibitions, gardens, and a vibrant array of educational possibilities and special occasions for guests of all ages. It is opened daily, and it charges an admission fee. Initially, it was built in 1895; the conservatory is on the National Register of Historic Places. But today, it is an educational institution and horticultural showcasing exotic, special exhibitions, plant collections, and Dale Chihuly artworks. The conservatory contains more than almost four hundred plant varieties. Biomes expressing global climate zones include the Tropical Rainforest, Himalayan Mountains, Desert, and Pacific Island Water Garden. New plant collections include a Showhouse with seasonal displays, Bonsai Courtyard, orchids, and tropical bonsai collections, and Palm House with more than forty species of palms. The conservatory is set within Franklin Park and encompassed by ninety acres, which is equivalent to almost 36 hectares of outdoor botanical gardens and green space.


Columbus Museum of Art

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The Columbus Museum of Art (formerly is also known as CMA) is an art museum in the city of Columbus, Ohio, the United States of America. It was founded in the year 1878 as Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts, which remained its name until the year 1978. It was the first-ever art museum to register its agreement with the Ohio state. The Museum collects and presents American and European new and contemporary fol art, art, photography, and glass art. Executive Director Nannette Maciejunes has led the Columbus Museum of Art from the year 2003. In the beginning, CMA was built in the Sessions Mansion. The current building was built on the same site from the year 1929 to 1931. It was opened on January 22, 1931. Afterward, in 1974, a visually unobtrusive structure was added to the rear of the building. The building of the CMA was registered to the National Register of Historic Places on March 19, 1992, under its real name.

You have to pay a small amount to fees in order to get into the Columbus Museum of Art. Their fee structure for general admission is as follows:

  • Children (0-3) • FREE
  • Members • FREE
  • Sundays • FREE
  • Thursdays (5:00 PM – 9:00 PM) • $5
  • Children (4-17) • $9
  • Adults • $18
  • Students (18+) • $9
  • Seniors (60+) • $9
  • Veterans and active military and their families • FREE


Topiary Park – Columbus Ohio

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Topiary Park, is located in downtown Columbus (formally known as the Old Deaf School Park). It is built on 9.18 acres (equivalent to almost 3.716 ha). It is a public park and garden in downtown Columbus, Ohio’s Discovery District. Officially the Topiary Garden at Old Deaf School Park is intended to represent figures from George Seurat’s painting, which he painted in the year 1884. A Sunday Evening on the Island of La Grande Jatte, he painted a beautiful picture on which this Topiary Park is based. It is the only park based solely on an image. The park is formally known as Old Deaf School Park, or Deaf School Park, as it was part of the university of the Ohio School for the Deaf. It is owned by the downtown of Columbus and managed by the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department.

It features topiaries cut into life-size shapes of children women, men,  animals, and boats and arranged to resemble the painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. Precisely, there are topiaries of almost fifty-four people, three dogs, eight boats, a monkey, and a cat. It also has two hundred twenty (220) trees, including 35 different species. Topiary Park also entertains jazz concerts.


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