things to do in albany ny

Things to do in Albany NY

Things to do in Albany NY

Things to do in Albany NY, this is the right guide for you because it is a very detailed article. We have covered all the things you must know before visiting Albany NY. We have also covered all the places where you can visit and have fun. The places where you could go shopping, all the historic places, and parks you should check out while visiting Albany NY, we have got you covered with all these details in this single detailed article.

New York State Capitol

things to do in albany ny

The New York State Capitol, the place of the New York State government, is established in Albany, the capital city of New York State, USA. It was registered on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971, then included as a supporting property when the Lafayette Park Historic District was recorded in 1978. The capitol building is part of the Empire State Plaza complex on State Street in Capitol Park. Housing the New York State Legislature, the building was founded in 1899 at the cost of US$25 million (equal to $768 million in 2019), making it the most costly government building of its time.  The New York State Capitol has announced a National Historic Landmark in 1979.


Cohoes Falls

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Cohoes Falls is a recently revitalized park. It allows visitors a beautiful view of the Cohoes Falls nevermore before accessible to the public. One can gain entree to the park by driving from North Mohawk Street on a footbridge across the power waterways. The four-acre Falls View Park is contiguous to Brookfield Renewable Power’s School Street hydroelectric generating plant. Interpretive tribunals can be found in Fall Views Park’s canal-side plaza, which was organized by the National Park Service. There are lots of sights, including one that is accessed via stairs/pathway to the below level and rear region where you can view the hydropower plant.


Palace Theatre

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The Palace Performing Arts Center is the premier social, cultural, and production venue of its scale in Northeastern New York and neighboring New England, emphasizing traditional music, comedy, and stage plays of every kind.

The Palace Performing Arts Center is a non-profit association that takes a management role in producing arts & culture open in the Capital City and the around area. PPAC runs the famous Palace Theatre. A vast palace with a seating capacity of 2,800 people grand cultural and entertainment venue, the biggest of its scale in Northeastern New York and neighboring New England. The Palace Theatre was built-in 1931, preserves its unique value and design, and is a legendary landmark in the City of Albany.

Each season, PPAC assures that the Palace Theatre performs host to any of the most productive artists and favorite shows touring today. Capital Region viewers are treated to an extensive display of entertainment, including the best in performances, stand-up drama, classical concerts, films, society events, and more. Palace Performing Arts Center Inc. is pleased to be a leader in the regional arts center. From an essential connection with the Grammy Award-winning Albany Symphony to distributed services and programming in partnership with Park Playhouse, PPAC serves to promote the work of numerous social-cultural institutions. 


The Egg Performing Arts Center – Albany NY

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“The Egg” itself is occupied by the State of New York and managed by the not for profit Nelson A. Rockefeller Empire State Plaza Performing Arts Center Corporation. This thing was built to sponsor quality shows, available to all residents of New York State, highlighting the rare and exceptional professionals from New York State, over the country, and throughout the globe. By partnerships and collaborations, the Corporation performs shows, spotlights rising performers, nourishes relationships with national organizations, and improves activities in cultural and arts enlightenment.

It is the leading platform in performing arts performances.

Dance: Dance New York, Dance – The World, Family Dance

Family: Family Wonders includes music and theatre productions

Music: American Roots & Branches, Rhythm International

Theatre: Occasional offerings of classic and modern drama

Arts-in-Education: Performing arts events for school groups

Made in The Shade of The Egg: A free series of outdoor summer performances

Architecturally, The Egg is without a pattern. From a distance, it resembles as very a model as a building. Though it looks to sit on the central platform, the stalk that holds The Egg continues down through six stories penetrating the Earth. The Egg grips its pattern by using a girdle – a massively strengthened concrete beam that was poured along with the foundation of the shell. This beam helps transfer The Egg’s weight over the shielding support. It gives the ageless building durability that misleads its nickname.


Albany’s Indoor Rockgym

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By its close location really above Central Avenue near Westgate Plaza, Albany’s Indoor Rockgym has been serving climbers of all levels sharpen their abilities since 1994. The gym’s features were developed based on decades of outdoor climbing practice and give a variety of technique-building possibilities. A.I.R. also has the nation’s only indoor caving system, finished with a 60-foot indoor zipline! 

A.I.R’s age policy states that any child under the age of 10 years must be joined with a parent or an adult at all times while in our facility/to engage. Planned and staffed with practice towards outdoor rock climbing in determination, A.I.R. has been giving friendly and engaging service for over twenty-five years. Go and enjoy bouldering, top-roping, or lead climbing or to try out their rare indoor cave system.

Albany’s Indoor Rockgym provide features of:

Climbing: Top Roping, Bouldering, and Lead Climbing

Caves: The Nation’s one and only indoor cave system!


New York State Museum – Albany NY

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The museum houses artwork, artifacts (ancient and well-known), and ecofacts that indicate New York’s artistic, actual, and geological evolution. The New York State Museum is a research-backed system in Albany. It is built on Madison Avenue and connected to the south side of the Empire State Plaza by facing onto the plaza and towards the New York State Capitol. It is operated by the New York State Education Department’s Office of Cultural Education. It is the nation’s oldest and most extensive state museum. Earlier established in the State Education Building, the museum now holds the leading four stories of the Cultural Education Center, a ten-story, 1,500,000 square foot building that also houses the New York State Library and New York State Archives.


Crossgates Mall – Albany NY

ny things to do in albany

Crossgates Mall is a shopping mall situated in the Albany neighborhood of Westmere, New York. Crossgates Mall was opened to the public on 4 March 1984, and in October 1994 experienced a massive development that nearly multiplied its size. Crossgates has a total leasable area of 1,700,000 square feet and emphasizes two hundred and twelve stores and restaurants as well as an eighteen screen IMAX Regal Cinema multiplex. The mall is anchored by JCPenney, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s (formerly Filenes). Other major occupancies involve Best Buy, Pottery Barn, Burlington, Zara (retailer), Dick’s Sporting Goods, Forever 21, and the Apple Store. Previous anchors and significant occupants include Jordan Marsh, Caldor, The Wiz (store), and Cohoes Fashions.

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